Introducing the Launch of WWCIA – Worldwide Women’s Cleaning Industry Association

WWCIA is a platform dedicated to women across the globe who contribute to the Cleaning Industry.

Chicago, IL, June 22, 2018 – Several women leaders across the globe announced the formation of WWCIA – Worldwide Women’s Cleaning Industry Association, a community that recognizes, encourages and supports women all over the world who work in the Cleaning Industry.  This new community will enable women to come together and share their stories, struggles and successes.

While large corporations have dominated the Industry with their overpowering presence, they have failed to recognize that the industry is flooded with small business organizations that struggle to grow and gain recognition.  Over the past 5 years more than 35% of cleaning business are owned and operated by women.  Women Entrepreneurs are gaining incredible market share and WWCIA will make every effort to give them tools, resources, support and encouragement for their continued success.

More importantly, women in area such as India, Dubai, Africa and other countries are finally making strides of independence.  It is important for WWCIA not just to highlight emerging opportunities for women in these and other countries, but to also provide continued support and guidance that can enable more and more women to step into leadership & entrepreneur roles.

In our effort to support women, WWCIA is in the process of creating mentor ship programs, online education resources and career guide tips.  Once these additional programs are established, they will enhance our community and allow us to continue re-investing in women and their growth.


The Worldwide Women’s Cleaning Industry Association is committed to celebrating and providing support for women in the cleaning industry.  The industry is fast evolving to a more diverse platform allowing tremendous growth opportunities for women across the globe.  With the help of WWCIA, women will be equipped with educational resources to enhance their careers.

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