3 Cheers for Diversey!

Diversey Donates Nearly $400,000 Worth of Cleaning Resources To Schools In NC!!

Hip hip hooray to Diversey, who provided under-served schools with necessary cleaning products!!  Partnering with Charlotte-based nonprofit Classroom Central, Diversey donated more than 2,000 cases of microfiber cloths and 970 cases of disinfectant wipes to encourage disinfection of high-touch classroom surfaces.

“Illness can easily spread within schools, making a smart cleaning routine a must for classrooms. At Diversey, we are dedicated to providing schools with resources that support health and productivity,” said Bill Meeker, Chief Human Resources Officer, Diversey. “Effective cleaning and disinfecting practices help eliminate reservoirs of disease, which decreases the risk of transmission and helps reduce student absences.  Our employees are deeply invested in the communities where we live and work.  We are thankful that we can make a positive impact locally and implement our mission to protect and care for people every day.”










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